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The Illuminati

By Phoenix O Fentse

My rhymes tonight were inept. Was it Ammunition or Snazz The Dictator who had just finished rhyming when I took the microphone and decided to spit “venom”? This is Rap Activity Jam GROOVE KAMIKAZE show, Rudeboy Paul and Oscar on the other side. The year is 1998, we are in Betrams Johannesburg. Unrecorded Underground Rap and Hip-Hop artists are given an opportunity to voice out their talents on air. I called Isaac Chokwe aside for an interview I was doing for Wits Student (Wits University student News paper). Isaac was very difficult to interview, hostile to the core, his answers are scientific or rather evasive, and suddenly I feel like I am interviewing someone from outer space. “He cannot be an illuminati member this junkie” said the voice in my head.
Written all over this picture
Kutloano waved at me from the studio window. I waved back realizing I knew the face but was unable to place it. She squeezed past rappers listening to callers voting for the best artist for the night and had reached me before I could ask anyone who she was. I tried hard to get into that data base part of my brain that stores people, but still it transmitted no answer. “How are you?”She said; “I’m good thanks and you” I replied to a black beautiful confident queen.  “I am Kutloano Skosana” she said, and continues to explain few things about her online magazine, asked me a few questions about Hip-Hop and she asked her collogue to shoot me a picture.
My  younger Brother’s tattoo Eye of Horus
“What’s your name again?” she asked? “Cube Root of H or just call me Cube” I said, with pride knowing that Cube music was the first music company to produce the first Hip-Hop Album in SA. I did not even know anyone from Cube then, except for the artists who contributed to the album.
I had just had my second article published on Wits student and critics and fellow students were complementary.  I should draw to your attention that 1998 was long before I read Zakes Mda the award winning South Africa Author but I felt so much void possibly because my peers like Brown Matshime who claimed to be Satanists were getting away with it. “What if there is no judgement?” ‘“What if I’m the one who is under a dilution that there is God?” “What if the illuminati are good people after all?”There was so much emptiness and confusion that I did not know what to do with my life. I guess that is why my rhymes were not so good this night. I felt like Robert Langdon in the movie The Da vinci Code as I was reading signs in the Y-FM studio. All I wanted was to hunt the illuminati and bring them to book, but how do I find them? The same week I was reading Plato’s allegory of the cave as I was thinking, the summary of the cave came to my contemplation. “People can nail you to a tree for making yourself their messiah” I thought..
Mason-Compass (NOT “illuminati” sign)
My introduction to the so called Illuminate was through an Honours student friend at Wits at the moment – who gave me Mark Dice and David Ickes’s books http://www.davidicke.com/.  Both Conspiracy theorists describe the Illuminati as Evil, villains and mysterious. Their writings involve facts and fiction. Mark himself talks of a high-tech mind reading machines and emerging artificial intelligent. It’s easy to confuse God fearing people with the unknown. The bible taught us much about the devil and demons now that people start to realize that the God they talk about is a fictitious entity and people coercing this lie are true deceivers of humanity there are others who sell books using the same old trick that was used by butchers who compiled the bible. In their books conspiracy theorists will tell you not to fear in two lines or so, and explain what fear will do to you, but they incite fear themselves so that you can continue buying their books with hope that you will be able to overcome that fear.
In the process you become their disciple, a worse zombie than you were when you where at your old religious group.  Instead of telling people that Christianity was formed to remove spiritual knowledge from people, or how early Christians butchered pagans and unjustly labeling original Gods Evil; they write about a bogeyman who is trying to control the world, without the bogeyman they would not be able to sell their books. Bear in mind that without the devil / Satan the church couldn’t have flourished too, the Christian leaders use the same method of deceiving their followers into believing that there is a bogeyman called Satan who is out to tempt them.
In my opinion the only way you can free yourself from conspiracy theories is to follow a strict mystical discipline. Learn everything there is to learn about religion, the occult and spiritualism.
Birdman: This Star has Nothing to do with Satanism
I cannot say there are no corrupt individual in other occult groups or so called secret societies, as much as there is corruption within Government there must be those using their occult knowledge to rule or control others. It’s called life – anyone can make money writing books about leaders. We can write about the former President Madela’s Mercedes Benz (number plate) that was donated to him after his release from robben island add his prison number and prove that he is as well the Illuminati. But that would be a waste of energy and time. It cannot be difficult to provide evidence of your relationship with Illuminati yourself.
I went back home after Rap activity jam and continue to read Icke’s The Robot Rebellion together with Spencer H Lewis THE MYSTICAL LIFE JESUS.  I cannot tell whether it was David Icke or Specer H. Lewis who sparked my interest in the unknown or rather the occult. During my spiritual journey I continue to read conspiracy writers and watched videos about secret prison camps and detention centers which are already constructed for those  who will resist the new world order. Oh please, I don’t have time to bother myself with who is behind the new world order – my family needs food. If the New World Order brings food and security i support it one hundred percent.
If their plan is to kill us, I still don’t care as I am already dead. What can be worse than what I already see around us? I mean I still miss apartheid time, those Kalashnikovs under the bed and Unity among the people. There is something good about everything – no situation leaves you the way it found you. Even those who survived the Nazi concentration camps have interesting story to tell. RELAX THE NEW WORLD ORDER WON’T HAPPEN – If it happens it will be for your own good. Right now only Lindiwe Mazibuku’s accent is happening, so chill.