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Phoenix is just an ordinary guy, who has had a “long and careful” TRAINING IN ESOTERIC SCIENCES.neotelME

First, I would like to thank Mr Peter Doorewaard and Donna DarkWolf Vos, and all beautiful people, and angels who assisted me during the 7year journey of basic spiritual training. Not forgetting the mother of my kids and her little ones, for keeping me grounded.

One had to unlearn old teachings for a couple of years before learning other spiritual balderdash 🙂  –  From 1999 to 2006 – I studied Alchemy, Tarot , Simple and Advanced metaphysics , Buddhism , Hinduism , you name it, including Laya Yoga, bit of Theosophy and other stuff from different teachers under the supervision of Mr Peter Doorewaard and High Priestess Donna DarkWolf Vos , Thereafter – I  specialized in “mumbo jumbo” of my choice.  My ‘spiritual speciality’ is sandwich making,  and I can drink a 440 can of Coke with two biscuits in ten minutes.  🙂 In short, I am saying, I have no special gifts nor do I specialise in any jumbos -Prior to my mystical journey, i was a stage magician, and a photographer.

The gift thing is somewhat frivolous,  but also one would agree that, for an individual to dedicate himself to a long esoteric and exoteric study he must have had a gift of some sort. Having said that, I personally believe we all have gifts to share, whether you are a Medical Doctor, a Farmer, a Musician or a Maid.

Except for my interest in the holy spirit, early Christianity, telekinesis, out-of-body experience and conspiracy theorists, I enjoy topics relating to StB of Czechoslovakia, HVA of West Germany, and of cause anything connected to Africa.                                   I CONSIDER MYSELF A MYSTIC, well only for the reason that I find the term a bit fancy.                                                                                                                                                                                                             So, I arouse your interest enough for you to read this far?  Great – Excellent. Let’s move on.

I was raised partly by my grandmother, a very intelligent woman and a strong believer in Roman Catholicism.  My late grandfather was East African. An unusual marriage back then, for that reason  I connect much better with foreign nationals.  My father James Moleya was a Black Conscious Person , an activist , a fighter , Businessman and an artist who was at some point detained with Percy Qoboza (The world and The weekend world) , Aggrey Klaaste (news editor, The weekend world – BACK THEN) Dr. Ntatho Motlana, Ms Ellen Khuzwayo (Social worker ) , Rev Drake Tshenkeng, (who was national vice president of BCP) as well as Mongezi Stofile among others…                                                                                                                                                     James Moleya won all competitions – it would be really unfair to mimic the legend, that’s why I would not compete with any individual. .

The best I can do is to be a role model to my kids – as most of us raised during “that difficult time in the history of South Africa” did not experience a functional family life (Some parents were constantly detained by security forces, others went to liberation camps, some were exiled, and as a norm one or both parents remarried, that leading children to be raised by their grandparents) .

I’m curious, and I loved books as a kid. At some point, I read Machiavelli in “original Italian” and actually attempted to memorize “THE PRINCE”. 

My favourite movie is The Count of Monte Cristo.

The Book I love: Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes.

Phoenix went to Tembisa High School During the time of Mr Ralph Mothiba as Principal ( BCP ). Have three beautiful kids four brothers and four sisters

GRADUATED FROM UNISA MAJORING IN COMMUNICATIONS. STUDIED BA PSYCHOLOGY at some point among other stuff he did to pass time. He was a mining engineering student at TWR Doornfontein Campus for two years. He continues to study formally at tertiary level, lectures part-time and writes in his personal capacity for a number of websites. For leisure, he reads lost doctrines of Christianity and mysteries of ancient Egyptian culture.

Owns two companies and two trademarks. . . One of his company is employed by Modeling-World International.

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