Writing of the Illuminati one would expect me to mention Germany, or The Protocols of the Elders of Zion – no my friend you want to hear about the Freemasons and the enlightened ones.  Before reading further, know that I write for the love of writing not to condemn organizations or to prove what is authentic or fabricated about the Illuminati. I have a great respect for all living creatures, having said that I should state that I’m quick and willing to drive the proverbial stake through the heart of anyone who deserves it.
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This article was written six months ago and I lost it when my hard drive crashed. I write an article and the hard-drive crashes, I have no control over that but most definitely I have control over my reaction to my loss. I am a sort of person who reacts positively to my predicament; partly because of my spiritual training and my upbringing in an African community during the 80s. Africans have lost much in my country (after 1948) “Apartheid” (an Afrikaans word for apartness).  So a crushed hard drive cannot deter me.
As most of those who were raised during those difficult times in history, I have no special qualities or fads that detach me from fellow South Africans. People like us are always suspects and they don’t stand a chance running a business that competes with big SA businesses (it’s not a secret – Big Businesses are White Owned if not black owned by ANC elites).  Our religion is still considered inferior by those following religions from the west. Theories about the existence of the Illuminati scare us to death, I would say simply because we have lived in fear for the rest of our lives. You cannot blame us, as that fear is in the genes. After years of oppression and mental slavery we cannot expect the whole nation to wake up the next morning and enter the gates of “heaven”, can we? Yes possibly.
 If you have children you will know that they are born free but their direction is determined by society and genetic makeup.  We as human-beings decide our own destiny; we lie to ourselves about too many things and sadly believe our own lies. I cannot exclude myself from those stuck in their own reality – thinking that there is nothing more real than what they see. Society is part of us and without it there is no humanity, here we find some people who want you to be like them and they don’t want you to be like yourself, the only way to be a member of the Illuminati is to be yourself.
 Believe in yourself because the Illuminati don’t really exist, even if they do don’t make it your business. Work on liberating your mind and you will attain enlightenment. Pricking that middle finger won’t work. The first step is to be yourself and that will be the final step.
Find out what the word Illuminati means in the mean time. Ask questions, Google does not have all answers though it answers most questions. *ILLUMINATI MEANS: The Enlighten One. It is in that sense the word is used here.

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